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How to choose a suitable tea packaging bag

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 How to choose a suitable tea packaging bag 

    It is generally known that tea is good for health.As for Chinese, we drink tea everyday .Drinking tea can quench one's thirst, dispel fatigue, help digestion and prevent some diseases. Drinking tea for a long period is quite beneficial to people's health. The tea is usually divided into green tea Black tea scented tea, etc. 

How to choose a suitable tea packaging bag

tea packaging bag

   We also know that the taste of tea will be more delicious after it be keep longer. So in terms of selection of plastic bags, should be sealed well, can complete sealed the fragrance of the tea without air leakage. So the tea packaging usually choose plastic PET/VMPET/PE (aluminium) because tea has its fragrance, so must have aluminum and plastic composite plastic packaging bags, aluminum insulated very well and isolate odour, isolated from the air.besides, aluminum, moistureproof  prevent wet performance is good, the tea usually cannot touch with air moisture, once touch, will be wet. So, tea usually choose PET/VMPET (aluminium)/PE plastic bags.

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