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How to choose the food packing bags?

Author:Food packing bags wholesale    Time:14/11/18    Click:
    How to choose the food packing bags?Can't long-term preservation, the hot weather makes food because the food in high temperature environment are more likely to respond, so high temperature environment flexible packaging bags will react?If there is a reaction will release toxic substances in the food?The shelf life of food will shorten?
Food packaging manufacturers, said manufacturers of flexible packaging cengcengbaguan quality and technology.Normal manufacturer production of food packaging bags, vacuum bag, such as flexible packaging in accordance with international standard, its security heat resistance are worthy of trust.

    About packing bags of toxic substances will release the environment of high temperature?Selection of countries on food packaging materials also made specific provision, request not use harmful to human body material.At the same time for different food packaging materials is different, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester and other polymer materials will have very different due to the difference of molding process, additives.Food packaging materials should consider the function of the food, to meet the requirements of decoration exhibition, cost accounting, and all aspects of factors, considering the food packaging protective, isolation, mechanical properties, heat sealing, both for food safety.If their food to be stored under the environment of high temperature will choose polypropylene or PVDC material, such as polypropylene bags containing additive is less, more stable in high temperature environment, which can withstand temperatures up to 130 ℃.
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