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How to select good food packing?

Author:good food packing customized    Time:14/10/08    Click:
Molding method, commonly used plastic bags, its morphology mainly depends on the molding methods and the use of mould.Sometimes the same (or similar) form. You can also use different method,Molding methods, often a lot of influence on the performance of products, cost, and so in selecting plastic bags, understand the forming methods, is quite good.
Food plastic bags commonly used the characteristics of all kinds of plastic, to correctly choose plastic bags is very important, because the material of plastic bags, determines the basic properties of plastic bags.Plastic bags with the same or similar form, because of the different material, its use could have very great differences in performance.For example, blow molding of polycarbonate bottles and ordinary pet stretch blow molding bottle, have extremely good transparency and gloss, are very similar in appearance, but high temperature resistant performance of polycarbonate bottles highlight (can withstand more than 120 ℃ high temperature sterilization), but the blocking performance is poor;And ordinary polyester stretch blow molding bottle blocking performance is good, but poor thermal performance (generally recommend below 60 ℃ temperature).With ordinary polyester stretch packaging bottle of carbonated drinks, can effectively prevent co2 escape in beverage (excellent blocking performance of polyester stretch bottle), be used for packaging of edible oil, can delay the oxidation of edible oil, prolong the shelf life (polyester stretch bottle of oxygen barrier performance is good, can effectively prevent the oxygen from the atmosphere through the wall of the container into the bottle), but its for packaging of high temperature filling goods such as fruit juice, filling at high temperature, the ordinary polyester stretch bottle will happen serious metamorphic lost their use value.And heat resistant polyester stretch blow molding bottle can avoid the occurrence of the above situation.
Choose, be sure to grasp the basic characteristics of plastic container, otherwise will often due to the improper selection of plastic containers and cause huge losses.When choosing a plastic container, therefore, must fully understand the relevant performance of plastic, don't jump the gun, plastic bags cannot be obtained when the exact information on performance, advice before decided to use plastic bags, simulated packaging test in advance.To pay attention to at the same time, used in food packaging plastic bags must be in conformity with the corresponding material plastic molding product hygiene standards.
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