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What are the vacuum packaging bag

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    We produce vacuum bags customers usually is the purpose of the vacuum bag, also is the air pump out of the bag inside, no oxidation to survive a bag type.

    In oxygen, water environment, such as bacteria, viruses and other easy to breed, and by pumping air into vacuum state, bacteria etc. These also cannot survive, so commonly used in food packaging protect, so food vacuum bag to create a anaerobic, dry environment.

    And the other a vacuum packaging was more common in our daily life bags, inflatable bag, also is the inert gas into the bag, such as our common chips Fried foods, inflatable packaging mechanism and guarantee the quality but not every oxygen, and there are fresh, compressive strength, the effect of the gas cut off, long-term to maintain food shape, color, flavor, fragrance and nutrition value of them.But not all of the food can be vacuum packaging, vacuum packaging brought food stored for a long time, because under the vacuum state, under the conditions of sterile, anaerobic, food not easy rotten, and sweet, flavour, with good quality.So, the application of the vacuum bag for food storage and long-distance transportation has brought a lot of convenience.
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