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Impact of printing inks for food bags safe

Author:food bags safe    Time:14/11/19    Click:
In the ink printed on the composite bags, there are two aspects with food hygiene security or human health has a close relationship.
1. Benzene solvents in GB9685 standard is not permitted to use, but the reality is still a lot of use.The boiling point of toluene, xylene were more than 110 ℃, in the process of printing process, the drying temperature is only 70 ~ 80 ℃, rarely more than 90 ℃, and the speed quickly, up to 150 m or 250 m per minute, solvent can not be completely removed, there will always be part of the residue in the ink layer.If absorbed by the body, it will damage the body's nervous system and destroys human hematopoietic function, can cause vomiting, grab an eye, anorexia, fatigue, decreased white blood cell reduction, resistance and typical permanent benzene poisoning symptoms.
2. The paint, printing ink use dyes in heavy metal (lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium, etc.) and aniline or polycyclic compounds and other characteristics.Heavy metal lead in hinders the physical development of children, mercury in the body's nervous, digestive, endocrine system and kidney can produce harmful effects, especially on the fetus and infant harm is bigger, it also can damage the brain death.Cadmium can cause skeletal damage, and aniline or fused ring type dye is obvious carcinogens, threat to the health of human body is very big.So, the harmful material in food packaging printing ink of food health impact and influence to the health of human body is obvious and serious.
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