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Methods to identify and PE plastic bags and PE plastic bags

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Methods to identify and PE plastic bags and PE plastic bags

    1, PE material is very soft, very transparent, but thicker PE bag, feel a little white mist, but does not affect the perspective bag products.Knead it sounds very soft, feel is also very soft, used to do to protect the inner packing products, will not have scratches on products;Po will sound will be more clear, feel very hard, but the same thickness will feel more thick.

2, PO material knead together, can be very loud, crunchy sounds;PE material, pick up the sound of the wind almost no friction material.

    When we should pay attention to when using the plastic wrap, food packaging bags, such food sack heat resistance is not strong, ordinary PE cling film usually hot melt phenomenon occurs on the temperature over 110 ℃, leaving some of the human body cannot decompose plastic preparation.Dongguan Chang Rongjia bag wrapped with plastic wrap and heating food, oils and fats in food is easy to dissolve the harmful material will cling film out into the food.But can be used in the refrigeration oil free of fruits and vegetables.When using wrapping hair, perm in high temperature circumstances make harmful substances into the scalp, cause headaches, hair loss symptoms.

    Contact in our daily life, the most common plastic products: food packaging bags, plastic wrap, plastic boxes, plastic cups, plastic chopsticks, the disposable fast-food containers, disposable cups, and so on many, many.These plastic products of normal use seems to be no problem, the problem is in we can use repeatedly, and beyond.
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