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Packaging of the shrinkage stress of heat shrinkable film packaging materia

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    Heat shrinkable film just by pyrolysis orientation occurs, the contraction tension is bigger, but with the passage of time, the tension of contraction will reduce gradually until completely disappear.This phenomenon is in line with the stress relaxation: the contraction force (stress) will slowly slip each other in the orientation of molecular chain, eventually relaxation to random group that line, internal stress gradually disappear.In general, the molecular chain of center of mass of each slip only into sticky flow can be achieved, materials need to be heated to its T;But in the presence of smaller stress (especially in the Tg above), as long as after long enough, can also realize slip between molecular chains.That is to say, raise the temperature and prolonging time can achieve the same creep as a result, this is the principle of "equivalent temperature".

Packaging of the shrinkage stress of heat shrinkable film packaging materia
    In fact many phenomena in the process of packaging materials production can use the principle to explain the stress relaxation.Coil if placed for a long time will become lax;When printing ink thickness, winding in the ink thickness after place there will be a critical reinforcement;This is due to the effect from internal stress during long time, ink layer thick place of molecular chain and gradual slip relaxation after stretch, causing membrane deformation occurred in here.

    By means of reducing creep is to increase the molecular inter-atomic forces, improve the material of T.How to improve the Tg of the polymer in the front are discussed;The main way to increase the amorphous polymer molecular inter-atomic forces is the introduction of polar groups on the main chain.
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