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Packaging printing performance of packaging material

Author:plastic bag wholesaler    Time:15/08/26    Click:
    Bag of composite material complex composite membrane can provide more excellent blocking performance.Such as BOPP film special excellent water resistance ability, but its oxygen resistance ability is insufficient;And PA film has good resistance performance of oxygen, water resistance performance flaws, after both composite has excellent resistance performance of the oxygen, the water vapor resistance.
Packaging printing performance of packaging material
    Bagging of composite materials in the process of complex compound in addition to the need to consider the film base material of blocking performance, but also between film, film, and the compatibility between the binder compressive strength () = multi-layer co-extrusion technology on preparation of composite membrane, need to consider the bond force between each layer, if the polarity large difference between the two layers of resin, then you need to insert a Tie resin layer;If it is dry compound, you may need to choose suitable adhesives, caking agent and will bond the two layers of thin film has high bond strength.At present the kinds of common adhesives are EVA resin, acrylic resin, polyurethane, etc., for high temperature cooking bags, should choose two-component polyurethane adhesives.
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