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Packaging proofing fee charged is why?

Author:Packaging wholesale    Time:14/07/11    Click:
  Now the industry are fastidious samples when buying cosmetics, other products will be presented as a sample tryouts. When the counter, there are samples placed on the counter. Packaging industry is no exception, in the packaging industry also has a dedicated sample, but after most of the products are customer-made, some of the samples we have only generic bags or former clients of production. So customers need to present a sample, why should he be charged?

  Mentioned a proofing fee.Why do you need proofing fee?Because it is customized according to customer requirements, the need when printing boot, loss, etc., so we will charge proofing fee.Will still need to do if you need to print edition, a color version, the version is also made of version.
Packaging proofing fee charged is why?
Packaging proofing

  Why are the customer requirements proofing?There are two reasons, one  is the customer for the first time printed bags, don't know the packing bag of this design is in line with the specifications, color and other process meets the requirements. the other hand it is the first choice packing bag factory, customers for the product quality is not assured, proofing is needed to confirm the mass production.

  Why packaging proofing fee is very expensive, on the one hand, from the need to plate making, on the other hand is printing quantity is little, loss is big, so the cost is relatively high.

  Of course, when accumulated to a certain amount, the printing proofing fee is also a drop in the bucket, so the proofing fee which on the one hand, So in this respect proofing fee customers can not be too tangled.
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