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Packing bag ordering matters needing attention

Author:packing bag ordering    Time:14/09/02    Click:
    When we ordered bags, generally in just a few common problems,
    1. The use of the packaging bags, packaging often use, daily life, food is more, in some industry is also useful to health, pay attention to your desired product characteristics in order to achieve better packaging effect.

    2. The packing bag type design, and then by their own design personnel, to provide accurate design documents, in order to achieve the packaging size.

    3. The packaging material, now need different requirements for packaging, packaging materials Also have a dozen varieties, as on a pin fee also can't do a bag, in order to get to know so many materials, so, let's just tell what we commonly packaging products, general factory is clear, the product should need what material, so it must communicate with factory is good.

    4. The number of bags, packing bags of usually does not do the customer think you do the 10000 bags will have ten thousand number, actually this kind of understanding is wrong.Any factory production in real life is inseparable from the loss, so there must be a confirmed product quantity.If for your product packaging must not be less, when ordering quantity for the suggested more not less, is himself had made a mistake, packing also cause packaging cannot be used properly.So be sure to have the data on the mental calculation.

    The above content is we often customized packages needed attention
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