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Plastic bags film has those kinds?

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Plastic bags film has those kinds?
Sometimes, in order of plastic bags, plastic bags manufacturer will tell you the plastic bags they can't do it, as for the reason.In many cases because they can't produce make plastic bags for the plastic bags are thin film.May you don't know, production of plastic bags film score a lot of kinds, different bag film also differ with use of equipment.Which use most to several common bag film, composite membrane, and three kinds of co-extrusion film.Below small make up to you to introduce what is a composite membrane and co-extrusion film.     
As for the product printing, packaging, sealing and protection, and improvement of the processing and storage, just a kind of plastic has been impossible to satisfy all these requirements at the same time, so you need to use multilayer material to their respective advantages together.
In film processing will be a kind of material made by extrusion has different kinds of thin film sticking together each other and become a multilayer film, this product as a composite membrane.Most materials for plastic composite membrane, but can also be used in paper, metal foil or fabric, etc.The basic requirement of composite film is to have good bondability between layer and layer to ensure the overall mechanical properties of the packaging.In addition, composite membrane used in food packaging, more in the machining process of composite film adhesive is used, the choice of the volume and uf process to meet the health standards.
Most characteristics of co-extrusion film with composite membrane, but there is a little difference, namely all layers co-extrusion film extrusion molding together at the same time, so you don't have the aluminum foil, paper and other plastic materials.Its portfolio of products material form is relatively small, the applicable scope is small, but because the compound is to rely on hot melt between layer and layer without glue, so for food packaging hygiene safety of co-extrusion film is relatively reliable.

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