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Portable paper bag printing technology skills

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Portable paper bag printing technology skills
A, good printing pressure adjustment
Carrier bags often use quantitative is 250 ~ 400 g/m2, white board paper, paper is thick, for printing pressure adjustment more stringent requirements are put forward.Adjustment, the plate cylinder and rubber drum of center distance constant, only need to adjust the embossing drum and rubber drum of center distance.Quantitative is 250 ~ 450 g/m2 in printing white board paper, drum of center distance can be widened by 0.20 ~ 0.40 mm.In addition, because the whiteboard paper surface smoothness is poorer, the close degree is far from good coated paper, therefore, will also note printing pressure corresponding increase a little.Adjust the printing pressure, also can adopt the method of rubber roller bag lining thickness increase or decrease.
Second, adjust offset printing paper
White board paper, coated paper, printing paper, kraft paper, due to large paper quantitative, so feed should be part of the suction mouth, blowing paper mouth corresponding large air volume;Paper suction nozzle to replace larger diameter, thicker rubber aprons;Pull gauge pressure spring can be replaced with a larger diameter model, in order to realize the feed don't swing, the purpose of the paper smoothly.
To print the white board paper, offset printing machine, double controller to increase the clearance, the lateral gauge and pressure gauge before the distance between the tongue and lose the cardboard paper to increase some.To prevent more than white board paper jams between embossing drum and rubber roller, cause "stuffy car" fault.Double a control wheel and the distance between the feed roller is less than 2 paper thick, nor more than 3 thick sheets of paper, or arch through the piece of paper will be stop,Or double paper has been from the controller through the surface, and the controller power supply shock has not contact, don't control the purpose of double zhang.In addition, it should be clear in time the double control wheel, feed roller surface and dust on the surface of the power control in two shock or insulation, prevent double control system failure.
Three, avoid smearing on the back
Tend to have a full version printing carrier bags field, easy to cause the back rubbed against dirty.Therefore, we should try to choose the original ink barrels, appropriate to add some to adhesion agent, adhesion agent, do not add 6 # oil ink, don't add dry oil in hot weather.
In addition, you can adopt the method of powder to solve.But should pay attention to, spray powder affects the surface gloss of printed matter, and pollute the environment, the offset printing paper and other parts wear, sticky dirty.
It is important to note correct arrangements for printing color sequence.In order to avoid the imprinting not collide with each other when paper produced by smearing on the back, should first printing version of the text, lines, and printing field.
Four, arrange printing color sequence
In arrangements for printing color sequence, in addition to consider the back rubbed against dirty, should also pay attention to the following points.
1, the first screen printing, printing line, after the ground.When carrier bags on both the four color overprint the mesh of the image, and text, field patterns, lines, in order to ensure accurate overprint, reduce the influence of paper expansion, and shall, first of all, screen printing, printing line, field again, and be able to look for the primary and secondary, difficult before they are easy.
After 2, jump in the deep color, light color.Due to weak light color ink covering power, on the behind dieyin, slightly misregister, also is not easy to detect, overprint effect is better.
3, if encounter white paper, cardboard, kraft paper, such as uneven water content, wrinkling is not flat, surface strength caused by poor off powder, wool, can be emptied first printed a water in order to solve the quality accident when monochrome printing.
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