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How to order and custom furniture vacuum bags?

Author:furniture vacuum bags customized    Time:14/08/06    Click:
    Everyone is buying a pillow,  four piece suit, these furniture items, such as by heart a lot of attention to pack the pillow, and four piece set packaging bag?Are generally use non-woven bags, first with a plastic wrap, or can be vacuum or area is relatively large.But the more expensive kind of pillow, the pillow of these words will design special bags, can be pumping air into vacuum state, has a class.
    This furniture pillow bags are customized according to customer requirements, four edge sealing structure, can accommodate a broader space.Below is the recent pillow packaging printing.

furniture vacuum bags wholesale
furniture vacuum bags

    Good product packaging. Also it is because the bag has the effects of advertising sales promotion, so now the packing bag of many industry began to design its own unique personality, in order to achieve the effect of traditional advertising, to their own brand at the same time also is very good publicity effect.
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