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Shopping bag order should pay attention to what?

Author:yltpacking    Time:17/06/20    Click:
1, selection of plastic factory, today, the production of plastic bags have been banned and regulation, but even then there are a lot of illegal manufacturers in the production of plastic bags.Accordingly, manufacturer in the decision, be decided to normal manufacturer of production safety, such ability can guarantee his custom-made plastic bags, is produced to the market advantage, and is safe, especially those involving food bags, even more so.
2, the decision of the material, shopping bag order, shall be clearly decided what kind of material.The main production material is polyethylene and polypropylene plastic bags, the former avirulent environmental protection, which is poisonous and harmful not environmental protection, so the use of the scope and use of is very obvious at the time of order, will according to your own plastic bags are used to do, decided the corresponding materials.
3, the decision of the size, if is custom-built plastic bags, size is to be able to determine on its own.Convenience of supermarket bag, for example, generally must have the capacity in three types, and these models in the factory there is not a complete unity, sometimes can or or models on the scheduling according to the actual need of the supermarket.And, a supermarket convenience bag, must be printed logo of the world's unified chain, bag, such as food safety, but also to be printed on food safety of coherent logo shopping, shopping bag order should pay attention to what can or put into use.
Shopping bag order is welcome, because of the variety and application of common plastic bags.Rare in our career life is common plastic bags, packaging the phrase used to all kinds of things.
Although there are some plastic bags in ecological harm, but if we live without plastic bags?Once into the plastic bags in our life, in the absence of suitable substitutes, also really no way to cancel the application of plastic bags, are used in all walks of life, after all.We can do is to do as the used plastic bags, to prevent waste.
Plastic bags, to some extent also changed people's life habits and way of life, with the growing of the society, people with some familiarity with the plastic bag, and customized plastic bag also had a tremendous growth, not only the varieties increased, and tend to be more environmentally friendly.In later life still take an important role, plastic bags also continue to service to our life.
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