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The advantage of the plastic bag

Author:yltpacking    Time:17/06/19    Click:
Gradually increased along with the social demand for plastic packaging, plastic packaging market is gradually increasing, today we have to get to know a few simple properties of plastics.
1, plastic bags have plasticity
As the name implies, plastic is the material can shape.The so-called plastic plasticity is the ability to make solid plastic soft by using the method of heating, and then put the soft plastic mold, let it again after cooling solidification with a certain shape of the solid.Plastic of this nature also has certain defects, namely when heated to softening deformation, some plastic with higher temperature water pressed even will be out of shape, so plastic products generally unfavorable contact boiled water. 
2, elastic plastic bags
Some plastic like synthetic fiber, also have certain elasticity.When it by external tensile, curly molecules by the flexibility and be straight, but once the pulling force to cancel, it will restore the original state of curl, which makes plastic flexible, such as polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film products.But some plastic is not flexible. 
3, plastic bags with high strength
Plastic, though not as hard metal, compared with such as glass, ceramics, wood, or has a high strength and abrasion resistance.
4, plastic bags have corrosion resistance
Plastic is neither like metal will rust in humid air, also don't like wood rot in the moist environment, or by microbial erosion and plastic naisuanjian corrosion.So plastic is often used as a chemical water and infusion pipe, building doors and Windows, etc. 
5, plastic bags with insulation
Plastic chain is combined with covalent bonding atoms, molecules can neither ionization, also cannot pass electrons in the structure, so the plastic insulation.Plastics can be made from wire, electrical appliances, electrical outlet of the cover of the shell, etc.
Actually plastic bags in addition to the above mentioned performance and good, the air resistance, the performance advantages of waterproof, dustproof, etc.
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