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The cause of the leak sealing flexible packaging products

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The cause of the leak sealing flexible packaging products

Seal leakage is due to some factors, make the combination should be melted by heat seal the parts no.Leak sealing generally has the following several reasons:
1, the heat sealing temperature is not enough.The same heat sealing parts of the packaging material in the different requirements of heat sealing temperature is different, different packing speed required heat sealing temperature is different, different packaging requirements of heat sealing temperature, longitudinal sealing and transverse sealing packaging equipment for heat sealing temperature is different, the same piece of heat sealing mode, different parts of the temperature may also be different, these are problems must be considered in the packaging.For heat sealing equipment, there is a temperature control precision of the problem, the current domestic packaging equipment the temperature control accuracy is poorer, usually have the deviation of plus or minus 10 ℃, that is to say, if we control the temperature of 140 ℃, actually in the process of packaging its temperature is between 130 ℃ to 150 ℃.Many company seal check, use random sampling to check in finished products, in fact this is not a good method.The most reliable method is the lowest temperature in the temperature range point sampling, and should be continuous sampling, longitudinal and can make the sample enough to cover the mold parts.
2, sealing parts contaminated.In the packaging, packaging materials in the process of filling sealing position is often contaminated by packing materials, pollution in general is divided into liquid pollution and dust pollution.Can solve the problem of sealing parts contaminated by improving packaging equipment, the use of pollution, antistatic, heat sealing materials and other methods to solve.
3, equipment and operation aspects.As a foreign body heat sealing film clips, heat sealing pressure is insufficient, heat sealing film is not parallel.
4, packaging materials.If corona is too thick, smooth agent too much heat sealing layer caused by poor heat sealing, etc.
Packing leakage in practice, there is a "leak", that is to say in the packaging products forming, filling, heat sealing, sterilization and transportation and sales process, although there is no internal and external connected perforation leakage phenomenon, but its high separation layer (such as aluminum foil, SIOX blocking coating or coating) on the fracture or pinhole, "leak" overall sealing performance, will seriously affect the packaging in packaging engineering is a factor that cannot be ignored.

The cause of the leak sealing flexible packaging products

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