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The colour of packaging and printing

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The colour of packaging and printing
Packaging color is one of the most active factors affect vision, so the packaging color design is very important.
Determine the total color
The overall sense of the packaging color is simple or ornate, is depends on the total packaging color is tonal.
Total color directly on the basis of hue, lightness and purity of a color basic attributes to the specific embodiment.Such as bright, dark, bright tone, grey, cold tone, stress, weak, soft, hard training, reset, and so on.
Area of factors
In addition to the hue, lightness, purity, color size is one of the important factors directly affect the color.Colour collocation first consider the arrangement of the large area of color, large area of color in packaging with the visual effect of distance in the display.In addition, when two color contrast is strong, can not change hue, purity, lightness, and expand or narrow the area of one color to reconcile.
Visual cognition degree
Visual cognition degree is about color matching level of clarity.Good visual cognition degree in packaging, advertising and other visual communication design is very important.Visual cognition degree on the one hand, look at the color itself is marked degree, on the other hand to see whether the color contrast between the relationship.Its principle and method in advertising design is introduced in detail, refer to the content, used for packaging decoration color design.
Accent color
Coloring, color is always tonal in emphasis is the area factor and visual cognition degree of considering coloring.General requirements and system degrees higher than the surrounding color lightness, around the area is less than color, otherwise not for emphasis.
Interval of color
Interval refers to the use of color in the adjacent and the strong contrast of different colors in the middle of the with another color such as interval or share, can strengthen coordination, less contrast.Interval color itself with partial neutral black, white, grey, gold and silver.If using with colored interval, interval color with the color of the separated in hue, lightness and purity have bigger difference.
Layered color
Gradually layer is gradually changing color, hue, lightness, purity can be gradually layer change.Gradually layer of color is harmonious and rich color effect, use more in the packaging color processing.
Contrasting colors
Contrast is different from the emphasis on color, this is the area of similar hue, brightness contrast of color, the color has a strong visual result, which is advertising.
This is not directly imitate contents color characteristics, and combined with the common understanding of the consumers as the application of a conceptual coloring.Mainly used for some spiritual attributes of product performance or a certain brand idea.Such as the selection on the packaging of cigarettes of color - red as a symbol of the Chinese nation.
Mark color
Here the logo color is not the color of the trademark, but with the color difference between different types or the similar color of different varieties of products packaging.For example, in a different color difference between the same brand of different ingredients of daily chemical products packaging color.On the processing, area, shape, location should be changed.
Auxiliary color
This is in contrast to the emphasis on color coloring, is the emphasis on total tone or color regulating role of auxiliary coloring methods, to strengthen the tone level, have rich color effect.In the design process, cannot abuse blindly.
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