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The development and application of food aseptic packaging technology

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The development and application of food aseptic packaging technology

Food aseptic packaging technology is under aseptic condition, after sterilization of food into the sterile packaging container, sealed package.This kind of packing with no added preservatives, make food nutrition and flavor do not be destroyed, and can be preserved for a long time at room temperature, thus became the trend of modern food packaging.This article will from the aseptic packaging food, aseptic packaging container, aseptic packaging equipment and the environment.
As is known to all, food production from raw material to the hands of consumers, needs packaging.Traditional way of packing food nutrition and flavor is damaged to some extent, and will do aseptic food packaging bags, in the case of no preservatives added, can keep food under normal temperature for a long time, does not affect the food nutrition and flavor, which inevitably become the trend of food packaging.
Food aseptic packaging is after sterilization after get commercial asepsis products, enclosed in the sterilization containers, perfusion in a sterile environment, after filling the container keep sealed to prevent infection again, in an effort to do not add preservatives, get a longer shelf life without refrigeration conditions of packing method.The application of aseptic packaging in food began in 1913 Danish dickinson to aseptic milk filling, then 1917 americans tong clay for the world's first patent of food preservation methods, in the late 1970 s after food aseptic packaging technology is widely.
As people pursue the natural green health food, aseptic packaging technology began to rapid development in the food.Food industry in our country after reform and opening up gradually introduced aseptic packaging technology, compared with abroad, on its own research and development level still have some difference, so our country must understand the world in time of aseptic packaging technology development, to improve their technology.

The development and application of food aseptic packaging technology

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