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The main factors influencing the print gloss of plastic packing bags

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The main factors influencing the print gloss of plastic packing bags

Paper surface smoothness of the paper surface smoothness, it represents when paper under certain pressure of a certain area, in the paper and the gap between the glass, by the time needed for a certain amount of air, in seconds (S) as the calculating unit.All kinds of paper surface smoothness is different.
The absorbency of paper is paper on ink absorption performance of the link, the more rough paper, the fiber gap, the greater the absorptive capacity of connections.Different types of paper absorbency is different.The absorbency of paper is too large, dry ink layer on paper, ink link material after being absorbed by a lot of, pigment particles floating in the surface of imprinting, form the diffuse reflection, so do not produce luster.Paper ink absorption is too small, link material penetration, less available colourful high gloss printing, but also easy to produce dry slow, easy to dirty, crystallization and other bad phenomenon.
The merits of the gloss paper itself determines the size of the print gloss.How of the surface gloss of coated paper, depending on our paper when using material and machining precision of the paper.The glossiness, and absorbency of paper combined effect show the paper surface efficiency, specifically paper surface efficiency can be made of glossiness, and absorbency of calculate the average said
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