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The production safety of large packaging carton

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The production safety of large packaging carton

According to the characteristics of the large packaging carton industry, formulate feasible site safety precautions - for carton production equipment, must take the following precautions:
(1) every time must first by the bell when the phone is switched on, the machine rear can boot other operating staff response.If you don't drive after press the bell, over a period of time again to drive by the bell again, confirm the safety after operation;  
(2) the equipment safety insurance device to keep sensitive and reliable, and shall not dismantle or artificial adjustment, make safety device not work, if there is any damage should be timely repair;  
(3) electrical control cabinet, electrical devices and electrical components should be kept clean, if there's any loose for regular inspection of components, aging phenomenon, eliminate hidden danger in time;Must cut off power supply when debugging and maintenance;  
(4) of the equipment protection should be "six", "six", namely the wheel cover and shaft shall be set, there is a bar and have a hole and cover with rolling, and damper, a dangerous and interlock;  
(5) clear the sticker on the pressure roller or wipe machine, must be conducted after downtime;Large packing carton
(6) in ink and wash ink, the hand must not touch the machine rotating parts, unavailability of stains out of cloth to wipe the ink roller;  
(7) the knife, line, the starting power supply should be closed and remind those around xiaoke boot;  
(8) in the operation of the dryer inlet feed paper, no contact belt, prevent crushed.- for boiler and heating cylinder force container, must strengthen the preventive maintenance and inspection work, should be:
(1) often maintain the cleanness of the relief valve to prevent the valve spring with or be corroded by dirt, prevent the safety valve exhaust pipe blocked by foreign bodies, and regularly do manual test of safety valve, regular inspection:
(2) check the rotation of the gauge and the fluctuation is normal;Check whether there is pressure gauge connection pipe leakage, leakage phenomenon.Pressure gauge inspection regularly;  
(3) keep the water gauge clean and bright, often make the operation staff can be observed clearly its display of water level;Water level gauge of steam, water cock and drain cock shall ensure that no leakage;  
(4) in accordance with the provisions of the regulations, standards, by the national legal surveillance department of the safety status of boiler to make the necessary inspection and test, including external inspection, internal inspection and hydrostatic test, discover and eliminate equipment defects hidden danger in time, to avoid accidents in operation of boiler;  
(5) preheating cylinder should be monitored on a regular basis by the national legal surveillance department, including the structure, geometry size and weld, etc., such as the measure of the diagonal side longitudinal/girth weld and longitudinal/girth weld edge Angle, etc.In terms of appearance inspection, pay attention to the body and if there is a crack, overheating, weld deformation, the phenomenon such as leakage, and whether there are internal and external surface corrosion and mechanical damage.

The production safety of large packaging carton

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