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The application of refrigeration freezing packing bag

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The demand of life in today's society and the use of refrigeration freezing bags more and more, refrigerated packing is the most common food fresh-keeping packaging circulation method, fresh food at low temperatures cell respiration can reduce, the activities of the cell can reduce, thus can avoid overripe;Low temperature, on the other hand, also reduce the breeding of microorganism activity, prevent microorganism in food corruption.In addition, the refrigeration freezing bags under refrigeration and freezing condition, can reduce the water activity in the food, to extend the freshness of food.Therefore, food refrigerated or frozen storage and circulation is to extend the food freshness, an important means to keep the food fresh.In general, keep 5 ~ 10 ℃ condition called cryogenics, keep - 5 to 0 ℃ condition known as the cold storage, and in - 30 ~ ~ 20 ℃ condition called cryopreservation, also known as cryogenic preservation, and 5 ~ 0 ℃ is also known as shallow cold storage.Different requirements for different food preservation temperature, if you need a light cold storage conditions, using the cryogenic conditions, prone to freezing damage, if the freezing temperature temperature is insufficient, cannot achieve bacteriostasis, short of freshness.
refrigeration freezing bags
 refrigeration freezing bags
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