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The biggest threat of Brexit is not to the UK but to the rest of Europe

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 ‘Every muscle must be strained for a new relationship with Europe. Other leaders of the EU must know they all have a vested interest in minimising the damage.’ Photograph: Virginia Mayo/AP


A silly question was asked, and a stupid answer was given. That's democracy. But it is the guide. As the good ship Conservative government in his own rock gt zerschl David Cameron has perhaps inevitably, has decided to leave the deck for each bailout. He made a huge error of judgment, but it was one, denied in almost all the British establishment. 

You all must now drive a U-turn. You have to, as if the project was overestimated fear. Every muscle must be charged for a new relationship with Europe. Other EU leaders, fearing Similar Divide Email pressure, need to know that they all have an interest, to minimize the damage. The idea Punishment Britain is just stupidity and risk for European-ical connection stability T . 

The immediate task is not to think about the causes, but do the job. The referendum is advisory. The procedures must be followed. For now, Britain remains a member Europ Pean Union, but Parliament the government's commitment to the British people, to honor sticking their decision. Officially, the last two years may occur, but in a little Europe. Franz Leger coined the government in 2005, a popul Re rejection of the Lisbon Treaty, except for eight. 

As claimed some defenders of the party, can mean many things from. No one's interest to exaggerate the damage. Britain will have to reach an agreement on trade and other things that will be new and special at all costs. It is the duty of Cameron farewell to negotiate. No one can have the slightest interest in his past threats closed borders, the collapse of trade budgets and punishment. The slate is cleaned. 

proposed referendum on UK membership of the European Union live: David Cameron comes after EU referendum 
drum of the resignation of David Cameron and the British decision Europ European Union, leaving with the results, the analysis and reaction of 
& nbsp market Read more 
gr Referendum threatens you is indeed not by Britain, but for the rest of Europe, which is why the EU sorgf If properly think about the fa On which they react. It was judged from this referendum and in default. Britain will not be the last to say that fa. The surveys between a quarter and a third of people in Europe consider the project are now deeply hostile to the European shown. The economies of southern Europe are locked down induced Germany. Brussels and its German cashiers, are struggling. 

Gro Britain D have be part to help Europe out of these difficulties. It should now take the initiative and its outside party help. Vision Re vote on holiday result should be a great debate to be e on the continent, looking for a new Conf Federation of nation states. What we need is a new Europe for the 21st century, high in response to the settlement in 1945 to replace or b on MATURE corporatism, a Conf Federation in Britain should be proud to participate. This vision is still far away, but what was once the EU. 

As to Britain, he was a Chtigen ALLM impact . Scotland can be Dependence entered Born on an even faster Regardless what can be the relation to the mean always, everything is negotiated with the EU. A gr accident-operate in London that überw yet Ltigend GEW Hlt have. It is revealed as a small state out of touch with its hinterland of the city. His morality, and even have their wealth taken a blow which will be for many outdoor landed not a bad thing. 

For half a century, the arrogance of the metropolis and centralism, to which all governments and all cultural institutions concurring, pl Suddenly much rotten. Future British governments k We can no longer claim the show. The capital is too big become too rich and too rich. Debates about the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union will require a pen -. Or three 

How it should be done is not to consider this morning. Cameron and his assistant, George Osborne, obviously not expected, condemned their game to fail. Cameron should copied Harold Wilson in 1975 and remained on the struggle to decide to guide his country through a decision he asked. Now is the agent of a popul Ren decision it is accused of honor. But the burden of proof on his farewell colleague is now to prove their case, w Re leave to hurt Britain, but it will benefit. It can be cock-a-hoop, but it is they who now put to the test. When Boris Johnson and Michael Gove really be in a reconstructed government they deserve the heat felt. 

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