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The characteristics of the PE bag and preservation performance

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    Generally considered whether there are three indicators characterize food edible: (1) health conditions, including changes in chemical composition and microbial breeding;(2) the appearance of the food changes;(3) change of food composition, flavor, smell.Storage conditions can affect the food of the above indexes, cause the change of their shelf life.Packing in gas composition also affects the effect of preservation of food, such as our fleet and 02 concentration, water content, etc.

The characteristics of the PE bag and preservation performance
The characteristics of the PE bag and preservation performance
    The influence of the concentration of our fleet: breeding fungi will reduce the shelf life of strawberry, and under the environment of high CO2 concentration is needed for strawberry storage.
    Water: the influence of storage environment changes also affect the shelf life of food, such as some cereals, snacks and frozen pizza.High humidity is bad for dry food storage, such as cereal shelf life, if set to lOOd at 21. 1 qc65 % RH need only 3.2 g/m2 / dWVTR the barrier property of packaging materials, while under 29.4 C 85% RH WVTR have higher requirements for packaging material, need to be 1. 4 g/m2 / d.Figure 3-11 showed cereal under different RH environment barrier property of packaging materials and storage shelf life of the relationship.PE is the most suitable for as the food store.By changing the composition of PE packaging materials, film thickness and crystalline structure of the PE film packaging can be adjusted OTR, CO2, TR and WVTR, in order to maintain the packing system within the suitable concentration of O2, CO2, water vapor, achieve the goal of extend the shelf life of food.
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