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The composition of food packaging

Author:Food packaging customized    Time:14/10/14    Click:
    Food packaging should be with food-grade plastic film production, general for more than two layers of composite packaging bags.Food packaging can be divided by the scope of its application: ordinary food packaging bags, food bags, plastic food packaging bags, vacuum boiled food packaging bags, cooking food and functional food packaging packaging bags.
    Food packaging material generally used for PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene), and NY (nylon), PET (polyester), and so on.Compared with the food packaging is not including plastic additives, in use process will not release toxic substances.Before the plastic wrap is made of PVC (poly vinyl record), but because it contains chlorine ion toxic, unsafe, are now gradually replaced by the PE cling film.
    PE soft, poor mechanical properties than PP, representative products are generally supermarket shopping bags, plastic wrap, bags and so on.PP harder, anisotropy (there is a gap is easy to tear apart), good mechanical performance, high temperature performance is better than that of PE, on behalf of the product is bread bag.Based on the characteristics of different kinds of food bags, typically with different composite materials.Such as dry goods, frozen goods generally use PET/PE.Compound CPP, high-temperature cooking words usually use nylon or other composite.
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