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The development trend of deli meats and poultry plastic bags

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 All kinds of processing the meat to the bags to the materials have the following requirements.
(1) the resistance of oxygen.For Frankfurt sausage, bacon, luncheon meat is fast food, requires more than 60 days period, therefore must have the good oxygen resistance, heat sealing must also be reliable sealing, vacuum packing, sometimes using gas filling packaging, to improve its edible period, reduce the packaging cost.

(2) the transparency.Product must let buyers can see and determine if applicable, can this transparency is very important for this purpose.

(3) cracking resistance.Especially under the low temperature cracking resistance is much more important.

(4) the pinhole resistance.Products tend to have acute Angle, pinhole resistance sets can prevent the cracking occurs after packing.

(5) good heat sealing.Even in the presence of fats and oils, also have good heat sealing, a high degree of hot sticky.

(6). Easy open sealable.If producers are in need of oxygen resistance, with the permission of the packaging should have the characteristics of easy open, should consider to sacrifice on other performance, use easy open sealable structure materials.

All landowners closed again.Closed, marked the packing should be repeated collection, so after packing open, again wrapped airtight performance is more important.
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