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How to purchase dried fruit packaging of food packaging

Author:food packaging wholesale    Time:14/08/05    Click:
    Dried fruit packaging bag can be divided into dry cargo and dried fruit packaging.

    Dried fruit dry refers to such as pistachios, walnuts, fruit, and so on dried fruit dried;Stranded dried fruit pulp refers to relevant pulp dried fruit, such as Chinese wolfberry, red dates, and some dried fruit arbutus, cherry, plum and so on.

    Now in the market to sell the dried fruit packaging there are generally two kinds of line, is a kind of independent small bags, bulk weigh, or with a large food bags for packaging sales.The other is a big bag, how many grams of a bottoms, how much is the market pricing.Which the common characteristic of the packaging is also direct contact with dried fruit, so for the dried fruit packaging, should pay attention to what issues?This article shenzhen food packaging manufacturer to analyze them with you.

Dried fruit packaging bag wholesale
Dried fruit packaging bag 

1. Preserved easy moisture deterioration, so the sealing performance is better food packaging to extend the shelf life of fresh fruit and taste. 

2. In direct contact with food, so in the printing process and the process of selection of materials requires a secure, green, green. 

3. Some preserved tough performance, easy to stimulate the bags, so when ordering food packaging bags, anti-puncture easily better, appropriate to relatively thicker. 

4. There will be a number of related preserved additives, so when ordering bags preferably acid and alkali and other functions. 

5. Preserved fruit packaging and printing, you should request in India, using environmentally friendly ink.
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