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The quality problem of the several common plastic bags-----aluminum foil fracture

Author:plastic bag manufacturer    Time:15/12/07    Click:
    Many do aluminum foil of high temperature cooking factory, will find that the vacuum sterilization will appear after the aluminum foil fracture problem, like a knife cut.10 silk such as aluminum foil, vacuum cooking after fracture problems, the fracture if the cracks are small, have to think about changing the material.Considering the inner material soft hard whether appropriate, if break have to choose more soft material, or increase the thickness, increase 1 silk will be better.Four layers are often appear this kind of circumstance, usually the four layers of structure is PET/AL/PA/RCPP, we calculate the thickness of 12 silk, this also will often appear fracture.Because half of the four layers of structure materials including bone quite hard, after vacuum where there is bone teeth and wrinkle will appear rupture, although small, but after a long time will affect the product, it will have to thicken the lining, or choose the inner layer of soft material.
Fourth, open sex is bad
After open sex is bad, is refers to the bag, the bag opening that place is not good to rub, this will cause the customer packing more troublesome.
CPP open sex is bad, want to talk with material factory said will open sex good, should pay attention to on his own production operation: one is the rolling tension of CPP, one is the winding tension, to control the temperature of the curing and bag making cold knife, can solve.With open sex the same thing of PE, PE rolling tension must not be big, why?Because tension will stretch it, hot roller temperature not high, not big, winding tension curing temperature is not high, curing time after take out the best cooling and then bag making, it will look better.
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