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The quality problem of the several common plastic bags------ cooking bags

Author:plastic bag manufacturer    Time:15/12/04    Click:
Problems there are many kinds of cooking, common is delaminating, wrinkling, expansion pack, some problems such as leakage, peculiar smell.
1, take off a layer
Take off a layer is appeared after 121 ℃ sterilization packaging material stratification phenomenon.Is usually the nylon after high temperature CPP, material and ink, glue must be high temperature, pay attention to in operation point glue can solve the problem.
2, wrinkling,
Many companies have found products out of the dryer is good, the only to find the bag after bag sealing side has the phenomenon of wrinkling, this is typical of curing time is not enough.Bag out after cooling will spot sealing side wrinkling, shall be immediately back on the curing room for curing.
3, bulge bag, air leakage
The case points clearly where the problem is the first, used deduction to find out the problem.After in food packaging, vacuum cooking sterilization, found the bag expansion pack leak, the first to take this package into the water pressure, look at where is flat.Is usually most of the customers themselves when packed food, because food has led to the sealing oil not firm, coupled with high temperature sterilization will produce the gas leak, the expansion pack, thus in the long run there will be a peculiar smell.
The above is two layers of cooking and common problems.Now we analysis the three layers including aluminum foil cooking.Take off a layer is usually between mask and aluminum foil layer, this kind of problem analysis, I believe you will not use glue, rubber should be cooking, can change two glue test, all that happens, it is not the problem of glue, you should consider material: material and aluminum foil.Did the surface of the aluminum foil clean enough to use the fabrics of whether can heat, dyne value had reached, problems need to solve method.It's a flat with two layers of structure of gas leakage is a concept that can appear in the place with bad sealing bulge bag leak phenomenon, such as after a long time will smell, because leak, some of food additives and food will appear as oxidation combined with oxygen to bag the smell.When a peculiar smell, pay attention to the selection of fabrics.PET and nylon both although can do fabrics, but PET is polar material, oil absorption, here we can do a little experiment, using PET after aluminum foil after high temperature CPP respectively, and the nylon after aluminum foil after high temperature CPP, load equivalent of food sterilization and vacuum clean dry in there, after will find PET feels sticky feeling, and nylon not, this is the difference.Because PET oil absorption, so after a long time, we will find a PET is a little peculiar smell, nylon there would be no peculiar smell.
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