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The requirements of Vacuum packaging bag

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The effect of vacuum packing bag

    Vacuum packing bags mainly depends on the basic characteristic of the packaging materials, the effect of vacuum packaging should pay attention to the following questions.
 Vacuum packing bags
Vacuum packing bags

     (1) Pay attention to the storage environment temperature of vacuum packaging effect.All kinds of gas in the air permeability coefficient of packaging materials and temperature have a close relationship.In general, with the rise of temperature, the permeability of packaging materials system also increases accordingly, the greater the gas transmittance of thin films, and therefore the vacuum packaging of food, appropriate under the low temperature storage, if storage at high temperatures, will be because of the increase of ventilation rate and make the food metamorphism in the short run.Vacuum packing food should be in commonly below 10 ℃ storage and circulation.

 Vacuum packing bags
Vacuum packing bags

    (2) The quality of Vacuum packing bags process of operation.Hot sealing, vacuum packing, pay attention to the packing materials inside under the sealing parts don't sticky residues such as fat, protein, to ensure the sealing quality;Heating sterilization process for vacuum packing, should strictly control the sterilization temperature and sterilization time, avoid packing internal pressure caused by the temperature too high, which can lead to rupture and sealing parts, packaging materials or reach germicidal effect due to temperature is not enough;In addition, must fully when vacuum suction, pay special attention to for fresh meat and amorphous food vacuum packaging, cannot remain air-pocket, prevent caused by residual air remaining microorganisms in warranty period and make the food deterioration.
    (3) The Vacuum packing bag is not suitable for food.Because of commonly used vacuum packaging composite film material, these materials can't packing fragile food, if you are packaging angular, is easy to penetrate.As a result, these food packaging should try not to use vacuum packing technology, and other packaging method.
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