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The production capacity of PE

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    Polyethylene in composite flexible packaging material quality accounted for 40%, over the next five years global ethylene demand will grow at an average annual rate of 4.4%, will demand from 2013, 1. 3.3 billion t increase in 2018 to 165 million t.PE consumption growth spurred on packaging PE production scale year after year growth, in 2011 the global polyethylene production capacity of 140 million t, capacity of the largest area in North America, Western Europe, the Middle East, Asia, including China, is expected to 2010 ~ 2015 worldwide PE capacity growth rate of 3%, in which growth is most certainly belongs to the Philippines state region, the Middle East and China.

    PE packaging materials compared with other packaging has high efficiency, listed in table 3 to 12 it compared with glass, metal, wax paper.

The production capacity of PE
The production capacity of PE

    Plastic flexible packaging compared with metal and glass packaging has the characteristics of light;Compared with wax paper plastic packaging has the advantage that can realize high speed automatic packaging.Wax paper packaging there are two shortcomings: one is in the state of plane has a good barrier property, but after folding barrier property;Secondly, some foods, such as breakfast cereals can absorb water from the paper, the moisture transfer will improve paper brittleness and packaging are easy to be torn when opening.Because of this, PE film can substitute for metal, glass and paper has been widely used.
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