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The role of high temperature cooking bags and application in food packaging

Author:High temperature cooking bags customized    Time:14/09/25    Click:
    Everyone knows that high temperature is bactericidal effect, therefore, through high temperature sterilization effect and is widely used in meat, bean products, disinfection of medical treatment.In terms of packaging, also produced is used for high temperature sterilization packaging bags, high temperature cooking bags, it can is a kind of heat treatment of compound plastic film bag, commonly used materials are: outer select high strength polyester film, the middle layer selection with shading and tightness of the aluminum foil, inner choose polypropylene film.Three layers structure of PET/AL/CPP, PPET/PA/CPP two, four layer structure of PET/AL/PA/CPP.High-temperature cooking bags of chemical materials mainly refers to the ink, glue and solvents.Ordinary ink does not have high temperature resistant performance, under high temperature after delamination, color also produces change, so choose high-temperature cooking ink is used for making the condition of high temperature cooking bags, generally USES the printing adhesive have good color fastness, after crosslinking curing reaction ability of high temperature cooking, strong viscous force of printing ink and glue.

     High-temperature cooking bags of sterilization temperature range between 121-135 ℃, the harmful bacteria can be completely destroyed, meet the requirements of sterile.Thorough sterilization, in the case of less add don't even add preservatives can inhibit bacteria growth, extend the shelf life of products, make the product for a long time at room temperature and can be used to keep the original design of flavor, often used in high temperature food cooking products.
     In the process of meat production and processing, there are always two cooked process, namely the high temperature and high pressure sterilization and low temperature atmospheric pressure sterilization.Low temperature sterilization meat because of the low heating temperature, the meat of the fiber has not been destroyed, so taste fresh and tender, a variety of nutrients preserved better;But due to its only kill pathogenic bacteria, there are still a lot of corruption, is not only a short shelf life, and will cause loss in the field of circulation.High temperature sterilization of meat by high heating temperature and make the fiber excessive contraction of meat, taste is better than low temperature sterilization products, but because of its kills all bacteria, eliminate the cause of corruption, can significantly extend the shelf life.
     High-temperature sterilization meat such as using high barrier property of packaging materials, not only at room temperature storage shelf life longer, and transportation, warehousing, sales is very convenient, very suitable for the demand of modern society.Therefore, vigorously develops the room temperature storage of meat production, meat industry is important for the product development direction.And packing industry adapt to the development trend, make a difference, innovation, can meet the need of food industry, at the same time can also win the broad market for himself.
High temperature cooking bags has the very good application value in food packaging, the diversification and quality of the food packaging has a significant role.
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