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The use of PE bags

Author:plastic bag wholesaler    Time:15/10/16    Click:
Used in the field of packaging PE is mainly divided into low density polyethylene (LDPE), HDPE and linear low density polyethylene
(LLDPE).Their performance is quite different, so use is also different.

(1) HDPE bag

HDPE with good chemical stability, high tensile strength and organic solvent resistance, it is the ideal stiff packaging.HDPE manufacture many kinds of bottles, not colored transparent bottle, good barrier property, stiffness big, can be used as a short shelf life of food packaging materials, such as milk, orange juice, water and other beverage packaging;Colored HDPE bottle has a good stress cracking resistance, used for many daily necessities packaging and industrial packaging, for example as detergents, bleach, shampoo packing.HDPE can also make the lining of shopping bags, food packaging.

(2) the LDPE bag

LDPE is mainly used for thin film materials, it has a toughness, transparent, easy processing, heat sealing resistance, making the lid of the flexible packaging film, bottles and adhesives.

(3) LLDPE bag

LLDPE excellent acid-proof, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, the performance of the vegetable oil toughness good, soft, high transparency, composite and heat sealing performance is good, can be used to make bread bags, frozen bags, bags, household garbage bags, we can wrap film preparation, and shrink film, paper-plastic composite milk packaging coating, cold (hot) drink cup, package cover material, squeeze bottle (honey or mustard packaging), etc.
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