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The use of vacuum bag method and the matters needing attention

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Vacuum bag, also called close-fitting moisture-proof bag, aluminum foil bag, composite bag, its material is PET/AL/CPE commonly or PET/NY/AL/CPE. The PET - printing effect is good, NY - low oxygen permeability, AL - strong barrier property, opaque, CPE, the inner packing.Glue: water-soluble glue (more health, environmental protection, no solvent residue) this product has good anti-static, oxygen insulation, shielding, moistureproof, shading function and excellent heat sealing.The products can be according to the special requirements of various industries users, under the condition of without changing the product performance, increase the anti-static function, printing product description, company logo, anti-static marks.Apply to need vacuum packaging, electronics, communication, national defense, and other products. 
Use method and matters needing attention of the vacuum bag:
1. Vacuum bag before and after the inflatable should pay attention to, don't let the sharp blowing, operation is the best in bed or in clean the table, if the item of storage has the hard objects such as buttons, zippers, please fold in the inside, add the collection bag.The cabinet or other place to store, also want to pay attention to the location have any sharp objects, to ensure that the vacuum bags in good condition.
2. Clothes, quilts and other items should be placed inside the vacuum bag, at least 3-5 cm away from the sealing zipper, don't forced into the big items.
3. To ensure the sealing zipper part clean, if there are fibers, dust, will reduce the sealing performance, suggest using touch water gauze is wiped clean and then close the zipper.After close the zipper, please hand clenched in a sliding vane DORA back and forth several times, to ensure the sealing of buckle two jin fully into the groove, to ensure the sealing effect.
4. When using the pump screw pump helix interface to the end, hold onto the bleeding point of white rubber gasket, to ensure that the outlet is not flat, generally a large vacuum bag need to extraction of 3 to 5 minutes, it's about 3, five hundred under the smoke flat phenomenon will be obvious.When using pump note to smoke in a row, it is best not to stop.Home have a vacuum cleaner is the best, that is, energy saving and convenient.
5. After the pumping well, please check the sealing again, to ensure the seal.
The vacuum bag knowledge:
Inspection: 1. The pump is good or bad will pump nozzle on his face, and then extraction, if feel the suction pump is good.
2. Take time to blow up phenomenon in a vacuum bag if, after in addition to the sealing is lax, on the one hand, vacuum bag quilt, etc) will still deflated, will reduce the vacuum degree;Again, on the other hand, in terms of physics, solid material also has space, due to the effect of negative pressure, with the passage of time air molecules will be "into" bag, vacuum effect will be reduced gradually.
3. Leather, feather products can be put into this product is received, but not fully compressed.
4. The clothes before put into the collection bag, should remove the wrapping paper or packaging, otherwise it will affect the compression effect.
5. Put collection bags of clothes, please fully dry.Don't need to use pest, preservative, etc., otherwise it will cause items in the acquisition of discoloration, metamorphism and so on.
6. Vacuum bag with cracks or broken small mouth available ordinary wide-brimmed transparent tape on both sides of the joint can be closely.
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