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Thermal shrinkage of packaging materials of the packaging bags

Author:plastic bag wholesaler    Time:15/08/28    Click:
    Heat shrinkable film is mainly used for labels, heat shrinkable packaging or wrap film use: is suitable for the preparation of heat shrinkable film of high polymer resin are mainly PVC, PE, PS, PET, etc.Film after stretch after preheating, cooling stereotypes have heat shrinkable film: near the Tf resin, the resin cast slice through horizontal and vertical stretch, and then quenching, the resin molecule chain orientation in the state of frozen, formed the heat shrinkable film.From raw material to produce heat shrinkable film is a process of reduction, the thermodynamic state of heat shrinkable film is not stable, after the shrinkable film by heat treatment, has the orientation of molecular chain group that will respond quickly to the random line (the Hui state), shrink film.Using the characteristics of heat shrinkable film can be prepared out of special-shaped bottle label.
Thermal shrinkage of packaging materials of the packaging bags
    To measure the parameters of the heat shrinkable film tension, shrinkage, temperature shrinkage and shrinkage.Learned from the above analysis, to be thin film of shrinkage rate is higher, need to adopt low crystallization ability or low crystallinity of polymer resin is advisable.Amorphous resin after biaxially oriented while molecule chain orientation, but no crystal, when hit by a second all the orientation of chain will shrink after preheating, material shrinkage rate will be high;For part of the crystallization of raw materials, there will be a part of the chain segment after stretching orientation induced crystallization, only not crystal orientation of molecular chain in heated (lower processing temperature, shorter processing time) after the contract;Crystallization and orientation of the molecular chain to realize contraction need to destroy, it needs to raise its temperature near the melting point, and the relaxation time of molecular chain is longer, and this not possible in the process of shrink film use.

    The same kind of material preparation of heat shrinkable film, amorphous area ratio is higher, the shrinkage rate, the greater the contraction force is, the greater the big proportion of the amorphous region of heat shrinkable film has lower shrinkage temperature.
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