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What does the Dried fruit bag have any requirements?

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    Dried fruit bag technology main points:

     Dried fruit is apt to deteriorate be affected with damp be affected with damp, be affected with damp be affected with damp.Metamorphic after dried fruit also is very not good, so for the packaging requirements, sealed performance is good, moisture-proof, the heat preservation.

Dried fruit bag wholesale
Dried fruit bag
    Dried fruit bags ordering information:

     Now dried food more and more people, more dry GuoShang started from bulk powder sold to packing bags to sell, have their own brand at the same time, there are some contact information and quality guarantee.If you need to place an order of dried fruit bags, what knowledge you need to pay attention to?Concentrated said in thickness, size, printing, etc.

     Dried fruit bags thickness:

    Should be according to the loading to determine how many products, such as walnut, root apricot nut products such as fruit, Hawaii, shell, we generally recommend thickness is relatively thick, because these products shell is hard, sharp, easy to cut packaging bags.

    Dried fruit bag printing area:

    In addition to the general food sack, and according to the bespoke dried fruit bags, customers can print according to your design draft.

    Dried fruit bag size:

    Size also good say, generally is how many grams of packaging, according to the packing weight and size to determine its size.
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