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Want to have the information on food packaging bags

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Want to have the information on food packaging bags

Food ingredients.Food ingredients in the order of sort is carried out in accordance with the amount of additives (except), such as yogurt in the above the main raw material is water, then the white granulated sugar, behind is the whole milk powder.Not only can see by the ingredients in food ingredients, also can choose according to own situation, don't like sugar, cannot eat gluten food, better good ingredients.

Production date, shelf life and storage condition.This is easy to understand, expired food possible food safety problems, don't buy.Also pay attention to the preservation condition, different food preservation condition is different, some said at room temperature, some said 0 to 4 degrees, and said did not open at room temperature, after opening in 0 to 4 degrees, and so on, pay attention to the information can be more can ensure the safety of our food.

Nutritional information.Including protein, fat, carbohydrates are must indicate, according to the nutrition table arrange a day of energy intake.

Helpful hints and use methods of packaging.Helpful hints in general will tell you that the product may encounter problems, or the product does not apply to people who 扥 information;

Product name and type.Of course, we buy something need to know, this is mainly depends on the product name.

Other information can ignore a little some, of course you compare pay attention to brand, can pay attention to the producers of information and so on.

Want to have the information on food packaging bags

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