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What is aseptic bags

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What is aseptic bags

Aseptic packaging of food, it is to point to not need to heat sterilization, and sterile materials packaging sterilization after food.To get sterile packaging food, need before packaging according to the provisions of the food sterilization and cooling process, to ensure the sterile.Food sterilization method are many, mainly there are heat sterilization, such as: cold sterilization, super high temperature instantaneous sterilization, radiation sterilization, such as: ultraviolet sterilization and microwave sterilization, chemical sterilization and filter in addition to bacteria, etc.Each sterilization method has its own advantages and disadvantages, in the process of food sterilization, can be used alone, also can be two or more than two kinds of sterilization method, combining to improve the effect of sterilization.Due to the same method of sterilization food differences in the effect of different nature, so according to the characteristics of food, whether high temperature resistant, colour and lustre whether there is a requirement, and so on and so forth to select different sterilization methods.The current heating is the most commonly used method of sterilization, so here introduce pasteurization (low temperature sterilization) and instantaneous ultra high temperature sterilization (UHT).

What is aseptic bags

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