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What is the intelligent packaging technology

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What is the intelligent packaging technology

Food packaging also gradually towards the high-end, intelligent packaging began to come into the mind of the people, to tell you where is the intelligent packaging intelligent, most about is the food safety problems, the intelligent packaging can detect the quality of food, or identify authenticity, and guarantee the rights and interests of consumers, the maximum product traceability capabilities.


Intelligent packaging market prospect


Famous American market-research firm Freedonia has published a paper entitled "the research of the active and intelligent packaging," according to the report, with the advancement of population aging process, the trend of intelligent packaging market in the United States are growing.Is expected in 2017, the intelligent packaging market will reach $3.5 billion.Over the next three years, the compound annual growth rate of 8%.According to the report, 2012 food and beverage sector is the two terminals of intelligent packaging industry market.


General overseas will only temperature - time history record identifier (TTI), packaged food microorganism growth indicator (MGI), photochromic indicator, by physical impact marks, leakage, microbial contamination, rf tags (RFID) and DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) tag is defined as the intelligent packaging;And dispatch gas packing, antibacterial, vinyl packing, oxygen adsorption odor, the self heating/cooling package, the release of the adsorption of packaging, aromatic flavour is defined as the function such as packaging, packaging packaging.


In the function of packing, domestic air packing, aromatic flavour release is relatively mature;Gas adsorption type packing (moisture absorption, ethylene, oxygen absorption) generally takes the form of sachets, technical content is not high, and foreign developed packaging for gas adsorption has non-toxic adsorbent can be blend into the resin film;The function of the other packaging and a lot of intelligent packaging in our country is almost blank.


In addition, in the intelligent packaging, RFID (identification) of the radio frequency electronic tags are domestic is known as a field.In logistics, packaging, retail and manufacturing industries have more applications.Intelligent recognition technology in some areas, such as medicine, high-grade food will get application, but also will not become the RFID electronic tag in China the consumption of power, because according to the broad masses of the people's consumption level, the intelligent recognition technology has not yet entered People's Daily consumption market.

What is the intelligent packaging technology

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