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What are common plastic packaging materials, plastic packaging generally what material

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PE, PP and PET is the most commonly used three kinds of plastic packaging materials, nylon, PC and PVDC material also in the packaging
The application of domain more.
1. The commonly used plastic packaging materials
(1) the non-polar PE packing materials and polarity and metallocene ethylene vinyl copolymer is the European and American countries in the development of the two
Big heat.
(2) PP packing material PP's performance is very active, new PP grades and modified PP material emerge in endlessly.Due to the
A lot of modified PP have the characteristics of the engineering plastics, therefore has replaced the engineering plastics in quite a number of areas.
By the rapid development of transparent PP are the species, in the medical products and medical packaging products and cosmetics packaging, etc
With more and more.BOPP bottles because that can tolerate high temperature above 100 0 c, so on the large infusion and functional beverage packaging for a wide range of applications.BOPP film is one of the fastest growing varieties of plastic film.Multi-layer co-extrusion of BOPP film is development
(3) PET packaging material of PET is also one of the most active plastic packaging materials performance.
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