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What are food packaging bag type?

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Food packaging bag type classified as:

1. The three edge-sealing bag

Three edge-sealing bag, there are two side seams and a top side seams bag, its bottom is formed by horizontal folding film.This bag can be folded edge can also have no, when he has ruffled, they can be upright standing on the shelf.
Three edge-sealing bag a deformation is the original edge collapse to form the bottom edge, with bonding method, such, essentially becomes a four edge-sealing bag.

2. The folding bag

Folding bag also called for bags, organ bags, is back to the deformation of the sealing bag is on the opposite side of the bag to fold into form M type.If the asymmetry of M type, also known as the trapezoidal folding bag.

3. The zipper bag

On 3-side and body bags with easy to open the zipper bag.

4. Stereo bag

There are many different kinds of three-dimensional bag and basically has the following types:

5. Special-shaped bag

Fruit shape, shapes of cartoon shape pocket.

6. With a carrying bag

Hole form a triangle, butterfly, plane shape, round hole, semicircle, drum-shaped, etc.
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