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What are the classification of the kraft paper bags, what are the kraft paper bags?

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    Kraft paper bag, also known as the kraft paper bags, kraft paper bags, kraft paper, food sack, is a common food packaging bags.

    According to materials, kraft paper bags can be divided into: 1, pure leather bag;2, aluminum composite paper (kraft paper compound aluminum foil), a brown paper bag3, woven composite brown paper bag (generally larger bag type);4, zhisu composite bag (kraft paper compound plastic).

    According to the layer number, kraft paper bags can be divided into: 1, the three layers of kraft paper bags, PP material can be used on paper pour a layer of membrane, waterproof effect, using imported white kraft paper, Canada.Can add lining bag, also can color offset printing.Form of the bottom of the seam opening, has many characteristics, such as environmental protection, health.2, multi-layer kraft paper bags: import kraft paper and domestic kraft paper, kraft paper, new material and PP woven fabric composite material, the perfect bag can add PE plastic bags.
    Can be arbitrary choice for your packaging.Such as dongguan yu packaging products co., LTD. Design and production of kraft paper bags: styles of the bottom of the seam opening type, paste bottom opening type, is suitable for the paste filling equipment valve pocket, seam valve pocket, etc.Valve pocket, open the pocket is the main varieties, and the paper bag and more export enterprises choose way of packing.
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