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What are the requirements of food packaging

Author:Food packaging supplier    Time:14/10/13    Click:
    The protection of food packaging for food containers, there are certain internal and external requirements.Through the packaging, the inherent requirement of food packaging refers to the food within its packaging to ensure the quality technical requirements of the implementation includes the following aspects:

    Strength requirement: refers to the packaging can protect the food packaging in the process of storage, stacking, transportation and handling various destructive power of resistance to the outside world, such as pressure, impact and vibration, etc.Food packaging strength requirements related to many factors, including the mode of transportation, such as cars, planes, stacking form (e.g., multi-layer stacking, cross stacking) and environment (such as climate, health, environment) and so on three kinds of factors. 

   Barrier property requirements: barrier property is one of the important performance in food packaging.A lot of food in the storage and packing, because of the barrier property errand food flavor and quality change, ultimately affect the quality of the food.Barrier property requirement is determined by the food itself characteristic, its characteristics are foreign, internal block or selective blocking and so on.Block material are air, water, oil, light, microorganism and so on. 

    Breathing: some exported food such as fresh fruits and vegetables, still keep the respiratory function in the process of packaging and storage, therefore, this kind of packaging material or container has the permeability, or can control respiration, so as to achieve the goal of keeping fresh. 

    Nutritional requirements: food packaging in the storage process, gradually loss of nutrition, so the food packaging should be conducive to the preservation of food nutrition, more ideal is can pass the packing locks in nutrition. 

    Other requirements: the inherent requirement of food packaging and there are many, such as heat resistance demands, avoid light, shatterproof demands, moisturizing, go here.
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