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What are the spout bag?The classification of the spout bags

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    By giving bag (generally for self-supporting bag) with a low pressure polyethylene (HDPE) with hood hard mouth, spout bag was created.Spout bags in addition to the bottles, barrels packaging can be convenient to open and seal advantages, many times also have less packaging material consumption, a high standard of printing and packaging and packaging, warehousing, transportation cost is low, advantage of small garbage processing, was regarded as environmentally friendly packaging.According to the statistics, and compared with the capacity of bottles, barrels, spout bag materials consumption can reduce more than 30%, packaging, warehousing transport costs fell by more than 60%, reduce waste processing has more than 5 times, all these advantages determine the spout bag will have broad prospects for development. 

    According to different hard mouth installation position, the spout bags can be divided into installed upright and oblique mouth type two kinds.Installed upright type spout bag is hard mouth in the middle of the bag at the top of the site, its shape and function similar to general bottle packaging, suitable for capacity under 1000 ml of liquid packaging.Oblique mouth mounted spout bags are 17 ~ 45 ° in the upper left corner of the packaging bags along the shear, and will be installed on the incision hard mouth, mouth axis and the axis bag a certain Angle.This kind of bag shape and function similar to the general rigid plastic packaging, suitable for capacity above 500 ml of liquid packaging. 

    According to the installation in the shape of the plastic mouth on the packing bag, spout bag can be divided into narrow type and short mouth type two kinds.Narrow type packaging refers to the plastic nozzle is installed in addition to the spiral mouth sealing, heat sealing part, there is a long straw.When install narrow in the bag, can insert part straw bag, convenient for consumers absorbs the liquid in the bag.Narrow type flexible packaging bags commonly used in liquid beverage packaging, such as can suck jelly, juice drinks, tea drinks, etc., can also be used for the printer automatically extract the packing of the ink.Short mouth bags is refers to the plastic mouth only spin mouth sealing and heat sealing of two parts, can use the dumping or extrusion from bag packaging.Short mouth bags can be widely used in liquid, granule, powder, and other items in the form of packaging. 

    In addition, in recent years there have been some big mouth with packing bag, its maximum capacity has reached hundreds of litres, on top of the bag has a big mouth installation, can be used as fruit juice, tomato paste, cooking oil, the storage and transportation of products such as packing before packing.
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