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What is the use of aluminum foil bags

Author:aluminum foil bags customized    Time:14/09/03    Click:
    Vacuum bag are generally compound bag, that is, one, two or more base membrane (heat sealing film, CPP, BOPP PE) and nylon (good airtight) or PET by film dedicated glue (chemical products) after compound machine using the composite membrane.Then through cutting mechanism bags made and become, after vacuum sealing performance is the best.Cut off the air performance is strong, anti-oxidation, waterproof, moistureproof high mechanical performance is strong, blast resistance, resistance to puncture tear resistance is strong, resistant to high temperature (121 ℃), resistant to low temperature (- 50 ℃).Non-toxic, tasteless meet the national standards.Heat sealing performance is good, good transparency.

    Packs should consider above all is blocking performance of packaging materials Because of a good barrier property preservation time long, long shelf life and better quality to guarantee. At present all food packaging materials, aluminum foil the barrier property of the best, followed by some plastic polymer, such as EVOH, PVDC, etc.) so the most common is always in the middle of the two layers of plastic film composite layer of aluminum foil, improve the barrier property, general component is pure aluminium bag and aluminum plating aluminum foil bag bag of two kinds, usually composed of composite aluminum foil with special material.Aluminum foil bag of high mechanical strength, good anti-static, anti-oxidation, moistureproof and electrostatic shielding performance, excellent heat sealing.Environmental performance can be reached the international standard.Conventional thickness of aluminum foil bag: 80 microns, 140 microns, the surface resistance: the 108-10 Ω, surface color: silver.Faraday cage structure, shielding cut off an average of 60 db, electrostatic protection of powerful, inner layer of pure aluminum, the resistivity is lower than 0.1 ohms, good water, oxygen, avoid light, vacuum insulation function, excellent anti-static function, the discharge of the static electric field slow security, aluminum foil bag is widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, food, cosmetics and other industries.
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