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Food packaging choice, how to custom packaging?

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     Because there are a lot of now is suitable for packaging materials, many food manufacturers do not know to choose what kind of packaging materials for food packaging bags.Indeed, the traditional packaging materials have glass products, paper products, metal products, wood products, etc.With the rapid development of modern high technology has driven the development of the materials, used in food packaging materials is becoming more and more diversified, such as plastic, composite material, glass, ceramic materials, metal materials, other materials.According to the packing style is divided into boxes, bags, bottles, cans, cups, plates, boxes, barrels, POTS, bowls, basket, cans, tanks, etc.;According to the packaging application level is divided into the inner packing, sales/terminal packing, transportation, packing, packaging and other levels (secondary packaging, packaging,...);According to the packaging packaging, bags, cans, bottles, wrapping package, etc.Packaging technology in waterproof moisture-proof packaging, packing, mouldproof, modified atmosphere packaging, quick-frozen packing, breathable, microwave sterilization packaging, aseptic packaging, plastic packaging, vacuum packaging, DNA packaging, blister packaging, packaging, stretch packaging, cooking bags, etc.
    To introduce the packaging materials now, look at the packaging material is suitable for your products.
     Plastic packaging materials, our country used for food packaging plastic also up to 15, 6 species, such as PE, PP, PS, PET, PA, PVDC, EVA, PVA, EVOH, PVC resin, ionic bonds, etc.The high resistance of oxygen with PVA, EVOH, PVDC, PET, PA, etc., high resistance of wet PVDC, PP, PE, etc.;Ray irradiation resistance such as PS aromatic nylon;Low temperature resistance, such as PE, EVA, POET, PA, etc.;Oil resistance as well as the mechanical properties of good such as ionic bonding resin, PA, PET, etc., high-temperature sterilization and low temperature resistance, such as PET, PA, etc.All kinds of plastic monomer molecule structure is different, different degree of polymerization, the amount and type of additives is different, the performance is also different, even if the same plastic different type properties will have difference.Therefore, must according to the requirements to choose the right plastic or the combination of plastic and other materials, improper selection may cause the loss of food quality and even lose the edible value.Northeast somewhere with PVC plastic corrugated box, for example, instead of corrugated carton packing apples, because the PVC blocking performance of carbon dioxide, oxygen, water far there is no greater than the cartons carbamate resistance and resistance to wet, make apple can't maintain breathing, resulting in a large number of decay.

    Composite materials, composite materials is the most species, the most widely used a kind of soft packing material.At present there are more than 30, used for food packaging plastic and plastic multi-layer composite material with hundreds of.Composite material layer with 2-6, but special needs even more layers can be up to 10 layer.Plastic, paper or tissue paper machine, aluminum foil backing material, such as composite or scientific and reasonable compatibility, almost can meet the requirements of various food for packing.For example, in plastic/cardboard/aluminum/plastic multi-layer material of tetra pak packaging the shelf life of milk for up to six months to a year.Some high cut off the shelf life of flexible packaging canned meat up to three years, some developed countries composite packaging cake shelf life can reach more than a year, a year after the cake of nutrition, color, aroma, taste, shape and microbial levels will conform to the requirements.Design of composite packaging should pay special attention to the choice of the layers of base material, must be scientific and reasonable collocation, the comprehensive performance of each layer combination must satisfy food comprehensive requirements for packaging.

     Paper materials, modern packaging mainly in a variety of processing potatoes (board), composite paper, laminated paper (board) and so on, such as polymer materials processing paper, wax paper processing, oil processing paper, glassine paper, parchment, aluminized paper, paper/aluminum foil laminated paper, etc.Most dosage in transport packaging, corrugated board, corrugated carton, pallet almost most instead of wooden cases.Honeycomb carton is the latest high strength cardboard container.In addition, one thing should be paid attention to, aluminized paper, aluminized plastic and paper/aluminum foil laminated material, plastic/aluminum foil laminated materials of different internal structure, properties, cost and other aspects, should be selected according to different protection demands and costs properly.  
     Glass material, the traditional glass materials are easily damaged, weight/volume ratio.More modern packaging is made of thin wall this after special treatment or physical methods of container weight can reduce 1/3-1/2, but strength is greatly improved, thus improved the market competitiveness of glass containers in food packaging.
    Metal materials, the traditional metal packaging mainly tin made (aluminized steel sheet).Modern food packaging in addition to the tinplate, also used the packaging container, such as aluminium sheet without the old heavy metal packaging to oxidize, quality problems.
    Ceramic materials, ceramic is aluminum silicate minerals, or some oxide as the main raw material, or add ingredients and at the time of the technology and craft level, according to the purpose for modelling, surface coated with a variety of smooth glaze or specific and all sorts of adornment, adopts the specific chemical process, using quite different temperature and gas burning into one or more crystals.Ceramic good chemical stability and thermal stability, the ability of various chemicals, thermal stability is better than glass, in does not open at 250 ℃ to 300 ℃, and resistance to temperature changes.
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