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What kind of packing is given priority to with vegetables food packaging bags with

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    For the center with salad (western cold mixed vegetables) food is under development.Salad ingredients have carrots, cucumbers, Onions, potatoes, pasta, vermicelli, etc.Microbial control of raw material processing and packaging, to reduce the pH, salad class most of the bacterial contamination from has been heat treated and raw materials in the process of the knife and stirring.To extend the vegetables give priority to the shelf life of food, should pay attention to the raw material and mechanical disinfection disinfection of utensils and containers.Dipping cucumber, for example, in 200 ~ 300 mg/L available chlorine and pH 4. O stir 60 min after the water washing, in acetic acid solution by water spray device 20 ~ 30 s, then through above 90 ℃ hot water containing active chlorine 90 ~ 50 ~ 300 mg/L, iodoform lOOmg/l_ sterile knife slices after processing.

     With the change of the economic development and social life form, fast production and scale has become a wide variety of goods in a competitive market to reduce the manufacturing cost and the main factors of survival.In the process of food packaging, in addition to a few manufacturers still use a bag packaging, most manufacturers are rapidly in food production line set up large packing machine, and thus rolls of soft color art packaging plastic film is widely used.Pays attention to individuation, but as the market consumption alienation and meet the needs of the world environmental protection tidal current environment, a variety of flexible packaging bags life again, new type of flexible packaging bags was in vogue.
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