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Wet tissue paper packaging bag custom should pay attention to what?

Author:paper packaging bag customized    Time:14/08/22    Click:
    In our daily life wet towel paper uses is very wide also, let's recap:

    Health clean wet towel: computer cleaning wipes (dry wipes, wet wipes), lens cleaning paper towels, glasses clean wet towel, lens cleaning wipes, airline catering wipes, etc.;

     Disinfecting wipes: medical folding disinfection wet towel paper, isopropyl alcohol disinfection, disinfection wet after shaving pills, povidone iodine, nail polish to remove slice, benzalkonium bromide ammonia disinfection disinfection tablet and alcohol, alcohol cotton pills, medical cotton sheets, medical disinfection, medical alcohol pills, medical alcohol disinfection cotton piece, medical rubbing alcohol piece, etc.;

     Drug patch, sanitary towel, functional wipes.

     So wet towel paper packaging design can also varied, as shown in figure we produce a export wet towel paper bags, USES is three edge sealing structure, then the middle opening, the sealing is flat and level, not wrinkle,

     Generally wet towel paper bag can use OPP, CPP, PET, multi-layer composite film, heat sealing a variety of package material.The specific requirements custom-made according to customer requirements.
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