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Types and characteristics of building materials bags

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Building materials, the main types of bags are: woven bags, kraft paper bags, multi-layer kraft paper bags, kraft paper valve pockets, container bags, etc.!
Building materials packaging bags of the process and features are as follows:
1, building materials woven bags to polypropylene as the main material, and then after extrusion, stretching into silk, and finally through the weaving, color printing bag made of building materials, woven bags effective width of 45cm-70cm wide, foldable (M Folding), the length of any!
2, kraft paper woven bags imported or ordinary kraft paper (natural kraft paper and white kraft paper) and pp woven cloth lamination compound made of bags, with a clear printing, high strength, anti-ultraviolet, impact resistance, moisture and moisture, corrosion, stacking Convenient and other characteristics; can provide the width of the specifications for the 35-90cm, the bag can be added pe intimal, moisture and moisture better!
3, multi-layer kraft paper bags to various types of high-quality kraft paper (natural, white, imported, domestic, ordinary, flexible, high breathable) and other different weight and different specifications kraft paper to Shuangjiao Zhi as the substrate, Configuration, and according to the various customer's personalized requirements and the use of a variety of different process structure, combined with high-precision color printing and custom multi-layer kraft paper bag, in the layer of the bag or the inner layer can be added pe film to meet the The protective performance of packaging products.
4, kraft paper valve pocket is a high-strength multi-layer kraft paper or paper-plastic composite fabric and the production of a type of bag, kraft paper valve pocket is very high, high impact resistance, filled with materials automatically fill the growth of cube, Neatly stacked, suitable for granular, powder and ultra-fine powder of the material packaging, is currently widely used in the international type of environmentally friendly bags, especially for export type enterprises.
5, the process of bagging bag and woven bags almost, it is a flexible transport packaging containers, together with the crane or forklift, you can achieve container unit transport, widely used in building materials, chemicals, food, grain, medicine , Mineral products such as powder, granular, block of goods transport packaging, developed countries generally use container bags as transport, storage of packaging products.
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