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The process of composite bags is introduced

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The process of composite bags is introduced
With increasing demand of plastic flexible packaging of people, the original packaging because always monolayer film has its inherent advantages and disadvantages, can't meet today, more and more goods and more and more demanding food packaging requirements, and therefore must take two or more than two kinds of performance of different film or material laminated, mutual complement each other, to fully meet the requirements of food packaging.The composed of multilayer composite materials with different food packaging materials bag, also called composite bags, simple introduce below.

composite bags
First, we deal with the customer, custom composite bags you will need to pass the following process:
Good packaging specification, material, thickness and type bag, and according to these data to make design draft packing bags of the designer or manufacturer, can design a few more, design to give some reference and ultimately determine the bag.At the time of design, in particular, should pay attention to the words on the packet information, pay attention to the following content: ingredients such as sodium calcium, iron, etc., product introduction, origin, turnning is mainly a g/kg, specifications, food labels, QS certification, hygiene license number, production date, storage conditions and shelf life, food use method, the manufacturer name and address and contact phone number, QS and barcode must not be less.
Step 2: plate making
After the drawings to determine, need professional technicians to design color separation, for some not clear place to do the repair, at the same time also need a dozen process to complete the process.
Step 3: print
Raw materials prepared using high-speed presses will surface membrane after printing (printing each color has a plate roll, plate rolling is carved intaglio engraving), at the time of printing ink is continuously flowing, because the ink condenses, during the printing ink printing and membrane with a scraper, scraper is on board scrape ink roll out, such a hollow plate rolling can be printed.If the blade is stained with dirt on strips of ink pollution phenomenon will occur.Because ink for dot ink pollution phenomena in rolling printing ink splashed onto the packaging film and cause the dot of ink pollution.
Step 4: composite
The surface layer of the printed film and easy to heat sealing layer composite membrane with special glue special high-speed peritoneal machine to. 
Step 5: curing
Compound after the need to be more than 45 degrees curing chamber for 24 hours aging, in order to make the composite bags is not easy to take off a layer.
Step 6: bag
Composite bags at this time of the production is coming to an end, bag making technician is the need to have certain skills, must ensure that the color printing composite bags not leak sealing side is good, the temperature control of the hot knife has certain technical.After the qc inspectors inspection factory.
Step 7: quality control
Composite bags main test items: long size (mm), width (mm), thickness (um), appearance, overprint error, color difference, peel strength, heat sealing strength.
Step 8: put in storage
Good for quality inspection qualified packaging bags, packaging, and unified management into the storehouse, so that the late delivery is convenient.
Step 9: shipment
After packing warehousing, customer contact, according to the near and far, far logistics, close to delivery.Far to logistics distribution (ensure no damage to the goods), close to door delivery free of charge.
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