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What is compound bag?Have what advantage?

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What is compound bag?Have what advantage?
What is compound bag?In plain words compound bag, is composed of two or more than two kinds of material, through glue them together.
compound bag
Compound bag have what advantage?There are mainly eight o 'clock, respectively as follows:
Compound bag has the advantages of high strength: because it is multilayer material, the product has strong resistance to puncture and tear resistant
Second, the compound bag can be cold resistance high temperature resistant: can use high temperature sterilization, low temperature cold storage products
Three, good appearance, more can reflect the value of the product
Four, good isolation performance, protection performance is strong, has the characteristics of tight gas and moisture, and susceptible to bacteria and insects, shape stability is good, is not affected by humidity change.
Five, compound bag, stable chemical property, strong acid and alkali, can be placed for a long time, stronger tear resistance, packaging effect is good, packaging articles is not restricted by the shape, state, and can be a solid, a liquid.
Six, compound bag processing of low cost, low technical requirements, can be mass production;And compound bag forming, easily produce abundant raw materials and cheap.
Compound bag, with high transparency, packed in composite bag see packing objects, and the compound insulation is good.
Eight, compound bag, strength and ductility can good, compound bag light weight, strong impact resistance ability.
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